Nov 22, 2014


Hai assalamualaikum.
I know, I know nobody gonna read this.

Okay back to main point.
Sometimes, there's a unique feeling that i like to ignore everything.
Everything mean including persons and being in tough situations.
Okay wait! I don't know how to simplify this, bhahaha!

For example, i'd ignored my bestfriend once when in college.
I ignored almost at everything she did .And yes! She's pissed off!
I remembered she was so mad and keep asking the same question.
The question be like "Damn Ann, what's going on with you?"
I just ignored her and constantly ignored. Hahaha.

Sebab bila kita ignore orang yang kita sayang,
diorang macam hundred percent pay attention dekat kita.

Okay itu je, love bye!